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Fulham Football Club Craven Cottage


Fulham Football Club Craven Cottage

Project details

  • Product used: URSA TERRA
  • Application: Ceilings, External walls
  • Building type: Sports Facilities
  • Architect: Populous

Fulham is the oldest of the ten London Premier League football clubs. Founded in 1879 by the Reverend John Henry to offer the young workers of the neighborhood an alternative to less healthy temptations, since 1896 it has had its home in the mythical Craven Cottage.


Located on the banks of the River Thames, very close to the refined London neighborhoods of Chelsea, Kensington, and Chiswick, the stadium is one of the main tourist attractions of the London capital due to its significance in the history of football and its extraordinary location on the banks of the Thames.

The south-western part of the British capital is now undergoing an ambitious redevelopment plan that includes the demolition and new construction of the legendary Riverside Stand, adjacent to England's most important river.

Fulham Football Club - Craven Cottage

As a heritage building for its historical value - even with original wooden seats in one of its stands - the refurbishment undertaken by the Club's owner, the Pakistani billionaire Shahid Khan, has required special licences from the London Port Authority and even the purchase of a part of the river on which the newly built stand is located.

"This transformation will create a modern, world-class riverfront destination that will provide so much more than just football, all the whilst securing Fulham Football Club's long-term home at Craven Cottage", explains the Football Club itself.

The works will include an increase in capacity and new amenities, but also seek to enhance the space for residents, fans and tourists, with a public promenade running along the banks of the Thames, commercial and event spaces, restaurants overlooking the river, a health club complete with roof-top pool, a boutique hotel and a roof terrace underneath the grandstand.

Fulham Football Club Craven Cottage - URSA Insulation


Designed by architect Populous, the development boasts a transformation of the riverside walkway into a world class leisure destination; a pathway that will allow an uninterrupted walk along the banks of the River Thames between Hammersmith and Putney Bridges and a choice of amenities for visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

"Craven Cottage is a unique and inspiring venue to not only play football, but to visit. As I noted upon becoming Chairman in 2013, it has always been my intention to follow through with the development of the Riverside Stand, and today's news brings that intention to reality," explains the Club President, also owner of the NFL Jaguars.

"Make no mistake, the Riverside development will be a location like no other, a real game-changer for Fulham Football Club, our neighborhood, and all of London. Our aim is to create a world-class destination for fans and guests to experience and enjoy, whilst retaining the charm that Craven Cottage exudes within our very own section of the River Thames. In doing so, we will also safeguard the Club's future at Craven Cottage, forever the rightful home for Fulham.

Products description

Specifically, this project used URSA TERRA glass mineral wool to insulate the soffits with around 5000 square meters of 180mm URSA WALLTEC 32B. Normally used behind rainscreen cladding systems the product was chosen because of its non-combustibility and ease of installation.

In addition to low thermal conductivity, URSA WALLTEC 32B has exceptional acoustic absorption and is non-combustible (Euroclass A1), so does not contribute to the propagation of fire, an advantage that is fundamental in an installation of this type, designed to house thousands of people.

Another noteworthy aspect is the sustainability that it brings to the buildings in which it is installed; recognised by the most prestigious European certifications. URSA's various ranges of glass wool are completely recyclable and use much less energy in their manufacture, transport, and installation.

Fulham Football Club

Location: Stevenage Road London (UK)

"Craven Cottage is a unique and inspiring venue to not only play football but to visit." explains the Club President, also the owner of the NFL Jaguars.

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