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Purchasing at URSA

Purchasing at URSA

URSA manufactures and sells premium products. A careful selection of suppliers in light of total cost, quality, environmental awareness, and compliance with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct is important for this purpose.

We aim to improve the competitiveness of our products continuously together with our suppliers. Therefore, we expect our suppliers and other business partners to comply with our values.

URSA is working with a variety of national and international suppliers. We steadily develop our portfolio of capable suppliers and choose from the world’s best partners. Generally, URSA is always interested in cooperation with new business partners.

URSA Supplier Code of Conduct

URSA is committed to sustainable and economically responsible behavior. Therefore, basic principles in the areas of anti-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labour, labour conditions and freedom of association, anti-corruption, confidentiality, discretion and data protection, as well as environmental protection and health and safety have been defined.

We want to share this basic understanding with our suppliers. For this purpose we developed the URSA Supplier Code of Conduct.

Safety is a top priority

This applies to us in dealing with our own employees and we also have this irrevocable claim to our contractual partners who work on the URSA company premises. In order to jointly and sustainably ensure the safety of all parties involved, the «Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Contractor Contracts» (in short: Safety Regulations) are therefore an integrated component of every order and assignment.

Information security for IT Providers

Information and computer equipment is, among other things, crucial for the success of the URSA Group. This document describes the basic computer security measures which aim at ensuring business continuity and minimize business damage in case of security incidents. Therefore, all IT-providers of the URSA Group have to comply with this guideline.

Processing of Service Provider / Supplier data

We are committed to protect your personal data and comply with applicable data protection law, in particular the EU General Data Protection Directive («GDPR») and Bundesdatenschutzgesetz («BDSG»), and we only process your personal data on the basis of a statutory provision or if the data subject has declared consent.

Which information (including personal data) are processed by us in connection with the business relationship between you and us can be found in our Data Protection Information for Suppliers.

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