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Castell D´Or Winery


Castell D´Or Winery

Project details

  • Product used: URSA TERRA
  • Application: Ventilated Façade
  • Building type: Other uses
  • Architect: Construcciones Asensio S.A

Wine and sparkling wine production is an energy-intensive activity. 92% of the energy consumed in the production cycle comes from electricity. Of this, 45% is used for the fermentation process and 18% for bottling, sorting, and filtration. But in addition, the care and conservation of wines or cava require high energy efficiency to adjust to their maximum factors such as the degree of light, the correct temperature, or the perfect insulation of the wine so that it does not become damaged or oxidized.

Aware of these needs, the owners of Castell d'Or, the fifth largest producer of cava in Spain, have not spared any resources in expanding the facilities of their winery in Vila-Rodona.

Construcciones Asensio S.A, COASA, has been the construction company in charge of the expansion of the winery's facilities. For the enclosure, they trusted the CHMC Group Instalaciones y Distribución S.L, a company expert in the installation of ventilated façades among other services. Its director of works, José Ramón Prat, declares that "we had a concrete block in the interior and fibro cement sheets in the exterior. To complete the ventilated façade, we needed 10 cm thick mineral wool and we chose URSA TERRA Vento P4252 supplied by Diaterm.

"We work with this material constantly. We have several divisions and in the ventilated façade we normally use this material because of its performance and approvals", says the CHMC Group, "in addition, we always choose it with an outer veil, as we are very much in favor of this covering which avoids the uncomfortable visions of the colors of the material due to the open joints of the façade", they declare.

The person responsible for installing the façade of the new winery highlights the URSA TERRA Vento P4252 used in its insulation because "having a certain lambda and thickness, we want a material that is malleable and easy to install. In roofs or interiors, you work with a lot of comfort, but in façades you are always supporting a lot of weight so you need materials, like this one, to be placed easily. Moreover, thanks to the URSA packaging system, we could fit many sheets on the lifting platform, which saved us a lot of time during installation". For the CHMC Group, the installation was quick, clean, and simple, facilitated by the geometry of the building and the result of efficient and coordinated teamwork.

"In CHMC Group we have been installing ventilated façades for more than 35 years. We have seen how the demand for this solution has grown, which is technically much more efficient and quicker than any other traditional façade system. It is a solution, both for new buildings and for renovation, which is very clean and allows you to work simultaneously and optimize the execution time", assures Prat, who cannot conceive of a façade without optimum insulation, "it would be like a jumper that does not provide shelter", he concludes.

The new building of the Castell d'Or winery, of 6,500 square meters, will have two underground floors with a capacity of four million bottles and a logistics warehouse. This group was founded in 2007 when it sold 520,000 bottles of cava. Last year they already exceeded seven million bottles with a turnover of close to 15 million euros.

Location: Carretera Santes Creus, 4, 43814 Vila-rodona, Tarragona (Spain)

"We work with this material constantly. We have several divisions and in the ventilated façade we normally use this material because of its performance and homologations", says the CHMC Group

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