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OPUSPark: Quality of Life and Sustainability on the Urban Periphery


OPUSPark: Quality of Life and Sustainability on the Urban Periphery

Project details

  • Product used: URSA GLASSWOOL
  • Application: External walls, Internal walls
  • Building type: Multi-Family Homes
  • Architect:

OPUSPark is an ambitious real estate project developed by Glaudis on the outskirts of Herk-de-Stad, a town in the Belgian province of Limburg. It is a development that combines the latest advances in sustainable building with an avant-garde design that makes the 34 villas and two offices that comprise it an oasis of calm in the suburbs.

The building aims to combine central living in a small-scale community with the privacy and luxury of living in a privileged villa. The project is set in an environment of lush greenery and tranquillity, with an elegant garden and an adjoining estate called Olmenhof-Harlaz. Quality of life, sustainability, high-quality finishes and optimal acoustic comfort have been essential for this project.

The enormous construction requirements led the developers to use URSA's URSAPAN and WALLTEC BLACK products to ensure the best possible insulation. Marc Bielen, the representative of the building materials wholesaler Jansen Bouwprofessional, underlines the importance of high-quality products in a project like OPUSPark. "URSA's insulation products meet the high requirements of this project," he explains, adding that in his experience of cooperating with reliable manufacturers, he has found URSA's sustainable products to be technically sound, with high thermal and acoustic insulation values, in addition to their fire-retardant properties.

The elegantly designed garden and the adjoining Olmenhof-Harlaz estate are bathed in greenery and tranquillity in a project that blends in naturally with its surroundings. And URSA's insulation products meet the high demands of this integration. The URSAPAN cavity wall is clad on the inside with glass fibre, while the outer cladding is made of WALLTEC BLACK.

Around 2,000 square metres of URSAPAN, a hollow core slab clad with glass fleece on one side, was used to construct OPUSPark. Project promoters chose WALLTEC BLACK for the exterior cladding. Both products stand out for their ease of installation and ability to adapt to unevenness in interior cavity walls, preventing leaks and ensuring optimum acoustic comfort. As OPUSPark is located close to school buildings, acoustic comfort is critical to the project.

Contractor Gebroeders Caelen, responsible for the structural works at OPUSPark, also praised the ease of installation and the acoustic quality of WALLTEC BLACK. Tom Caelen, co-director of the company, highlights the aesthetic advantage of this product, noting that the black fleece prevents glare and maintains a discreet appearance in the building without revealing what is behind it.

The project required a short delivery time for materials to speed up construction, which the Belgian manufacturer has achieved thanks to a production capacity and agile delivery that Bielen also emphasises. He also highlights the advice and availability of URSA's technical department as a critical element in constructing a demanding, modern, efficient and integrated project.

Location: Herk-de-Stad, Belgium

"WALLTEC BLACK made our work at OPUSPark a breeze with its easy installation and exceptional acoustic quality. Its sleek black design adds sophistication while concealing what's behind it. Highly recommended!" - Tom Caelen, Co-director, Contractor Gebroeders Caelen

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