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Our ESG Path

We have started a journey to set the path for URSA’s sustainability future with the clear ambition of putting the planet in the center of everything we do. Our ESG program is an integral element of our corporate strategy and has served us as the lever for the development of solid commitments for the near future.



We wish to lead our industry expanding energy efficiency, by reducing carbon emissions and waste, while we boost resource conservation for a circular economy.

We are committed to increase the use of recycled material in our products and working on new uses and utilities for our leftovers.

We have set ourselves these targets:

  • 35% reduction of CO2 emission intensity by 2030 (scope 1 and 2)

[Base year 2018]

  • Stronger use of recycled and reprocessed materials by 2030:
  • 80% recycled and reprocessed glass in mineral wool production
  • 50% of external recycled input polystyrene in XPS production

[Base year 2019]

Zero glass mineral wool and XPS internal leftovers to landfill
by 2030.



We aim to contribute to the creation of energy efficient and healthy housing, healthy work, satisfied employees and diversity in practice while reducing occupational accidents.

We have set ourselves these targets:

  • 0 workplace injuries
  • 40% reduction of lost-time injury frequency rate by 2025*
  • 25% share of female managers at Group level by 2025 *
  • 10% increase in annual training hours per employee by 2025*

[Base year 2019]



URSA’s corporate governance counts with clear organizational structures, processes and responsibilities. We wish to be a fair, reliable, and trustworthy partner for customers, business associates, and employees.

We have set ourselves these targets:

  • Independent ESG audits at suppliers from 2022
  • Updated whistleblower system
  • We strive to deliver an industry-leading customer experience
  • Zero tolerance toward fraud, bribery, and anticompetitive activities

URSA sustainability reports

URSA publishes sustainability reports following Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. These reports focus on non-financial information and cover those key indicators that have the largest impact on sustainable development.

Sustainability report 2021

Sustainability report 2020

Sustainability report 2015

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