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Solidarity goes beyond borders

At this important time, we want to promote the value of solidarity by sharing the different initiatives carried out by the different URSA regions with the aim of preserving the basic needs of people and contributing to a decent life.

16 Dec 2020 Author URSA Insights Solidarity
Solidarity goes beyond borders

Solidarity in times of COVID

Since last March, with the spread of the coronavirus, URSA people have done their bit to help the most vulnerable in this complex situation. Now more than ever, and with the arrival of the end of the year, we want to show the other side of the pandemic: the solidarity and union of URSA, which continuously works, in each of its regions, to minimize the effects of this global crisis.

The health sector has needed the most resources to face this pandemic, and for this reason, the different regions have collaborated with hospitals to ensure, as far as possible, that all people have access to medical assistance.

URSA Spain made an economic contribution to the “Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII” and “Pius Hospital del Valls de Tarragona. The resources were used to support health centers and prevention teams to fight against COVID-19. In addition, URSA Spain also collaborated with the Tarragona Red Cross, which launched a social shelter for the most needy, using insulation solutions to protect the beds from the cold and humidity. On the other hand, URSA Italia together with Xella helped the Papa Giovanni XXII hospital in Bergamo by offering financial support to purchase necessary medical products. URSA Polska has also helped the Dąbrowa Górnicza hospital and has contributed, with mineral wool solutions, to insulating a new building belonging to the Association "Juntos", which cares for people with mental disabilities.

“At URSA, solidarity goes beyond national borders, we are a great team”.

Solidarity URSA Italia

The consequences have not only been reflected in the health sector. Added to the difficult health challenges is the precarious economic situation. Basic necessities like shopping for food become an odyssey for many families. URSA Spain launched a campaign through the "Banc d'Aliments" foundation of Tarragona in which they managed to collect a significant amount of food with the help of all the workers.

The service sector has also been affected by the crisis. Following the second wave of COVID-19, many truckers were stuck on the road without access to restaurants to eat or rest. URSA France offered its facilities and distributed hot drinks so that transporters could take a break.


Solidarity URSA Spain

A pinch of hope

URSA Italia has also been helping those most in need at these times. The focus has been on people's rights and dignity, with a donation for the "Merry Christmas 2020 Campaign" project that helps promote solidarity and social justice in Nigeria. In addition, for URSA Spain it is essential that children get their toys this holiday season, hence the support for the Tarragona Youth Red Cross campaign, enabling collection points in factories facilitating any financial contribution.

Finally, we highlight the campaign launched by URSA Benelux. Through a post on Facebook, for each “Like”, they are donating 1 euro, split between two causes: The Folyfoot Animal Shelter and the Stege Care Farm that helps people with problems through means of animals and nature.

Teamwork and the activities carried out in each country have shown that with effort, responsibility and solidarity it is possible to improve and combat inequality. We want to give our most sincere thanks to all those who have contributed and to all workers who have thrown themselves into these projects, from beginning to end, making it possible for all these actions to have a real impact.

“From the first moment, we were clear that from this crisis, we are going to come out more united and stronger. We count on you”. #ThisVirusWeStopItTogether

Carmen Fernández
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Carmen Fernández

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