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Our goal: driving innovative strength

Innovation management, basic research, and technological development: This is the foundation on which we position the Xella Group for the future and meeting societal as well as industry -specific challenges – be it climate protection, energy savings, or resource efficiency. Since 2014, we have therefore been operating our own technology and research company (Technologie - und Forschungsgesellschaft / T&F) near Berlin.

19 Apr 2021 Author URSA News Circular Economy Sustainability
Our goal: driving innovative strength

Research at all levels – products, processes, application 

At the sites in Emstal and Brück, a research team in the three departments of product and process research, application research and accredited testing laboratory takes care of the topics of mineralogy, building materials testing, civil engineering, building physics and recyclability. In order to meet the increasing demands on building materials, the team works on new materials, optimizes proven formulations and constantly improves the properties of our building materials.

The Product and Process Research unit is primarily concerned with the fundamental properties of our building materials. This includes raw material analyses, the substitution of primary raw materials and even the development of completely new building materials. The raw materials lime and cement are very CO2-intensive in their production. Research is therefore being carried out into formulations and processes to substitute proportions of these raw materials. A key focus is on further developing the circularity of our products; you can find out more about this here: (link to Circularity article).

Once product and process research has developed a new product, it is still a long way from being ready for the market. Applications research is primarily concerned with analyzing how new building materials or products will perform in practice in the future. They are exposed to extreme stresses such as heat, frost or simulated earthquakes. The field of building physics also deals with the quality and health of living in buildings – including heat, moisture, sound and fire protection.


Quality is the be-all and end-all

One of the most important prerequisites for the production of sustainable building materials is the quality of the raw materials used, which are tested and evaluated by T&F before and during use. The quality of the sand, for example, is partly responsible for the bulk density of the stone and thus also for its thermal insulation properties. By improving the insulation and thermal conductivity of our products and solutions, we make a significant contribution to energy-efficient construction and renovation and help reduce CO2 emissions from buildings.


Accredited testing laboratory

T&F has been an accredited testing body since 2011 and is responsible for the areas of quality monitoring, building material testing and compliance with the Construction Products Regulation for the European market. 


This article was originally published on Xella in March 2021.

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