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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. More than ever this sentence has become more relevant to “the whole world” in the covid19 era. We are finding the need to live in safe, efficient and comfortable homes as they have become our only place to be when times are tough. Why don´t we rethink our economic model and base it on #sustainability and research, whilst at the same time protecting the #climate?

12 Apr 2021 Author Efrén del Pino Iglesias Signatures Energy efficiency Sustainability
Home Sweet Home

Now more than ever this phrase holds great significance for all of us. All across Europe and beyond, COVID-19 has confined people to their homes until the global pandemic is under control. In the weeks ahead, by necessity, most of us are going to be changing our habits and the way we see the world. New routines need to be established in order to successfully overcome this world crisis.

COVID 19 is going to affect far more than just our health. The economy is going to be seriously damaged, especially for those sectors that depend mostly on immediate consumption. Unfortunately, this will be the case for many EU countries, particularly those that have based their economies on tourism or leisure, sectors that are being greatly affected, in both the short and long-term.

The post-coronavirus world will look very different: teleworking, remote digital relationships, confinement and digitization are some of the changes that we are having to adapt to rapidly. But the biggest change will be the confirmation of our physical vulnerability, and that of the world around us as we understand it.

The full implications are still unknown, but what is obvious is that our economic dependence cannot be based on those sectors that are so very vulnerable to unexpected crises. A permanent state of change and the need to adapt are our new normal, both in the present and our future – our economies must seek long-term solutions that allow growth based on the strength derived from new habits. And energy efficiency can and should be one of these solutions.

Our economic and wealth generation model is based on the continued production and consumption of ephemeral goods, requiring consumers to engage in daily consumption with an immediate payoff or gratification. Short-termism is central to our current model of wealth generation.

At URSA (as with many other industries and companies) we are fighting to propose a change in the "production model". A change based on the growing need for an economic strength founded on new ways to grow: sustainability, efficiency and research. With new jobs focused on solving and improving the efficiency of homes and buildings, more companies are offering cleaner, cheaper alternatives to current energy sources. These companies are developing solutions and products focused on improving our lives in a world that currently appears destined to consume its resources – if we continue with the same values and behaviors.

For many of us, this pandemic means rethinking whether we are where we want to be, if our time is being well spent and if, in some way, we can contribute to improving the lives of all.

Because now that we are confined indoors, in these moments of uncertainty, our home is our castle. More than ever, that home has become our safe space, a refuge from external threats.

Today more than ever, our home has to be comfortable and efficient. And in the coming days and weeks, we will understand this better than ever. Because COVID-19 is teaching us not only the extent of our vulnerability but also that we need to be able to isolate ourselves in a safe environment at certain times. In these circumstances, the insulation of our homes is essential so that our comfort depends as little as possible on external factors. According to the European Union, about 250 million homes will need refurbishing to be efficient for both energy and comfort.

Let us take advantage of this crisis to bet on another type of world, another way of growing economically, another way of living. Let's bet on the long term.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn in April 2020.


Efrén del Pino Iglesias

Marketing & Sales Performance Director
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